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Festivals in Oslo - Norway

Arts and Crafts Fair - Oslo

Arts and Crafts Fair

Arts and Crafts fair is the biggest event in Norway, held in late August on the outskirts of Oslo in Lillestrom.

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Bislett Games - Oslo

Bislett Games

Bislett Games is an athletic event that takes place every June at the Bislett Stadion. 

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Christmas at Bogstad - Oslo

Christmas at Bogstad

The Christmas fair at Bogstad is a great place for tourists to pick up traditional Norwegian handicrafts. 

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Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony - Oslo

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

The University Square Christmas Tree is lit up in front of the public to help spread Christmas cheer.

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Disney on Ice - Oslo

Disney on Ice

What better way to enjoy the cold weather than by watching Walt Disney’s beloved characters perform on ice? This is a great place to bring the kids for great family fun.

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Grete Waitz-Lopet - Oslo

Grete Waitz-Lopet

Female athletes participate in Grete Waitz-Lopet  in a variety of 

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Independence Day - Oslo

Independence Day

Norway achieved Independence from the Danish Crusaders in 1814. It has since become one of the most economically advanced countries in the world. Independence Day is celebrated with performances, parades, parties and music throughout the long spring nights.

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Lillehammer WinterArts Festival - Oslo

Lillehammer WinterArts Festival

The Lillehammer Winter Arts Festival showcases the beauty of winter. Tourists and residents alike can gather together to view the natural icy wonders and frozen waterfalls in the Lillehammer area of Oslo.

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