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General Information About Oslo - Norway

Annual Temperature - Oslo

Annual Temperature

Minimum Temperature: -7
Maximum Temperature: -2

Minimum Temperature: -7
Maximum Temperature: -1

Minimum Temperature: -4
Maximum Temperature: 4
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Fast Facts - Oslo

Fast Facts

-Location: Oslo is the capital city of Norway. It is shaped like an amphitheater with the city centre at the bottom, and hills and residences to the top. The North Sea that encloses the city from below also includes the island archipelago of Oslo, which is a popular tourist hotspot...

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Oslo History - Oslo

Oslo History

Oslo is the oldest of the Scandinavian capitals and was founded in 1049 by the Norwegian King Harald Hardrade. Arcahealogical findings have discovered human remains dating before 1000, leading the city to celebrate its millennium in 2000. The look of the city was shaped largely by its founders,...

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Oslo Residents - Oslo

Oslo Residents

Oslo proper has a population of about 550,000 people, with an additional 850,000 including its extra-municipal suburbs, for a total population of 1.4 million people. Although it is one of Europe’s smaller capitals, Oslo may be one of its most diverse. The population includes over 100,000...

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Oslo Today - Oslo

Oslo Today

Oslo’s geographic location at the head of an over one hundred kilometer-wide fjord makes it a naturally stunning city and opens up a number of activities that give the city its lively and culturally aware feel. With most sites easily accessible on foot, Oslo features world-class museums, lively...

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Public Holidays - Oslo

Public Holidays

Thursday 1st January: - New Years Day

Sunday 5th April - Palm Sunday

Thursday 9th April - Maundy Thursday

Friday 10th April - Good Friday

Sunday 12th April - Easter

Monday 13th April - Easter Monday

Friday 1st May - May...

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Visa Information - Oslo

Visa Information

Norway  is one of the multiple Schengen countries which require a Schengen visa for entry. This can be obtained from the Norwegian Embassy.

The Schengen visa application form can be downloaded from the Norwegian Embassy website. The processing time for visa applications handled by the...

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When to go - Oslo

When to go

Summer in Oslo is usually the best time to visit. The summers are not too hot, and several music and shopping festivals take place for the benefit of tourists. If you prefer the cold, winters are good too, with snowfall usually occurring during January and February. Winters are also colourful, with...

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