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imageHiring a car for family outings or adventures is probably the best option to get around Christchurch. Since the city houses both beaches and ski resorts, long commutes can easily be covered with a rented car with the help of the grid system that makes finding routes easy. If you wish to roam the city at your own will and time, rent a car with one of the following companies.

Apex Car Rentals
232 Roydvale Avenue, Christchurch
Phone: +64 3 379 6897

Apollo Car Rentals
24 Logistics Drive, Harewood

Aster Rental Cars
2 Export Avenue
Phone: +64 3 547 2633

Christchurch Carhire
574 Wairakei Road, Burnside,
Christchurch 8053
Phone: +64 3 358 8550

Euro Car Rental
PO Box 5454, Christchurch
Phone: +64 3 360 2870

More Transportation - Getting Around in Christchurch - New Zealand


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