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Transportation - Getting Around in Christchurch - New Zealand

Bicycle - Christchurch


Riding a bicycle is a popular way to commute around the city and its suburbs. New Zealanders like to enjoy light modes of transport because the city’s beauty is too attractive to be missed out on! Rent a bicycle to enjoy the greenery and calm environment of the residential areas while you cycle...

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Bus - Christchurch


In Christchurch, buses leave major stops very frequently except on weekends when only one or two buses serve each station. Most of the business and commercial people travel through buses because of their extensive and intricate networks and frequency of arrival and departure. As part of the...

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Car - Christchurch


Hiring a car for family outings or adventures is probably the best option to get around Christchurch. Since the city houses both beaches and ski resorts, long commutes can easily be covered with a rented car with the help of the grid system that makes finding routes easy. If you wish to roam the...

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Tramway - Christchurch


The Christchurch tramway runs in much smaller circles around the city. Its purpose is more to entertain the tourists visiting Christchurch who like to commute short distances in a tram for an experience and to see the city’s natural beauty. With a ticket of NZ$ 12.5, tourist chose to explore the...

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