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Shopping in Christchurch - New Zealand

Chaos Collectables - Christchurch

Chaos Collectables

Along the length of High Street, pick out Chaos from a multitude of shops for antiques and second hand decorative items. Chaos holds a number of collections ranging from interior decoration to personal favorites such as china dolls and miniatures.
To cater to the kids, the shop also keeps...

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Decodence - Christchurch


Decodence is an art deco shop on High Street in Christchurch. Most of the visitors here either have a special interest in art and decorative items or just enter the shop for the sake of exploring. Either way, decadence doesn’t fail to impress the shopper. With dozens and dozens of artifacts...

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Inform (National) Jewelry - Christchurch

Inform (National) Jewelry

One of the leading jewelry designers in Christchurch, Koji Miyazaki, runs this lavish store on High Street. The contemporary jewelry available here is tasteful, unique and has the most stylish cuts and designs in all of New Zealand. Inform carries the credibility of its owner who has held various...

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J. Ballantyne & Co - Christchurch

J. Ballantyne & Co

A department store with welcoming service and quality merchandise is what Ballantyne prides itself on. With several locations across the city, this department store is one of the biggest in terms of assortment and size. For anything hat you need from house hold everyday items to personal hygiene...

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Map World - Christchurch

Map World

A haven for travelers and adventurous people, the Map World is full of accessories and necessities that travelers should have to find their way across New Zealand and Christchurch. At this high end store you will find everything from binoculars, compasses, sports watches and rental equipment to all...

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Merivale Mall - Christchurch

Merivale Mall

Another top pick in malls in Christchurch, Merivale Mall has over 40 shops with designer brands of each category of men & women clothing, accessories, beauty services, hardware, gifts and ten different cuisines to chose from in the glamorous restaurants. Located peacefully in the Merivale...

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Northlands Mall - Christchurch

Northlands Mall

Northlands Mall has a total of 135 stores under one roof with tons of variety and choices for eager shoppers. Be it beauty, hygiene, sportswear, or a multi purpose mart, the Northlands Mall offers you a well rounded service for an all day shopping spree.
The mall holds event, competitions...

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One Big Sugar Bowl - Christchurch

One Big Sugar Bowl

If you are a big fan of costume and artificial jewelry, One Big Sugar Bowl will appeal to your tastes immensely. Extravagant displays of colored, gemmed, stoned and polished rings, necklaces, bangles and hair accessories line the shelves sparkling and glittering. A few favorites include classical...

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