Dux de Lux

Young, adventurous and laid back. If you are all these things, the Dux is your place to be. With live jazz music on weekends, satisfying NZ$ 20 meals and 30 years of stories to tell, Dux is a famous hangout restaurant cum pub in Christchurch which is mostly crowded with the youth and young adult population of the city. The courtyard setting of Dux is the most pleasing and wanted on pleasant nights because of its open and lively atmosphere.

Cuisine: Vegetarian & Sea food
Timings: Monday to Thursday 10 30am to 11pm; Friday & Saturday 10 30am to 11 30 pm; Sunday 10 30am to 10pm.
Location: Cnr Hereford & Montreal Streets,
Phone: 03/366-6919

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