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Botanic Gardens

imageWith the planting of an English oak tree in 1863, this Botanic Garden was given shape in New Zealand. Today it holds one of the most exotic and rare collection of plant species from within the country as well as abroad. Just the thought of 30 hectare of greenery circled by the Avon River is pleasing and one wants spend a good amount of time exploring this place full of the country’s botanic history. The highlights of the garden are the 120 years old trees that represent one of the sacred horticultural sites of the world.
Together with the Hagley Park, New Zealand holds the key to the world second largest inner city park that is one of the most visited as well.

Winter times: 7am to 5pm & summer times: 7am to 9pm.
Location: Rolleston Avenue
Phone: +64 3 941 7590


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