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Festivals in Christchurch - New Zealand

 Winter Carnival - Christchurch

Winter Carnival

An event dedicated to snow and skiing, the Montana Carnival is a winter festival where New Zealanders gather at a skiing resort to see skiers perform stunts and races and earn the best title for the evening. Onlookers spend the entire day at the resort while they eat and enjoy meeting friends and...

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ANZAC Remembered - Christchurch

ANZAC Remembered

In the memory of the war days, Christchurch commemorates with a concert full of nostalgic songs of the past. The event is greatly treasured by the 60 + New Zealanders who go down memory lane with songs sung by various bands on that day. The ANZAC day also being a national holiday attracts hundreds...

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ASB bank Starry Nights - Christchurch

ASB bank Starry Nights

A musical gala under the night sky is all that New Zealanders wish for in mid February. Held at the serene Hagley Park, Starry Nights features famous musicians of New Zealand who perform some all time favorite and classic numbers along with professional dancers for the eager audience.  This...

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Burst! Festival of Flowers - Christchurch

Burst! Festival of Flowers

Living up to the city’s reputation as the Garden City, the Flower Festival is a one of its kind in the continent. The celebration is dedicated to all gardens, parks, flowers and anything that is floral! The entire city is decorated with flowers (like it lacked greenery anyway!) and locals indulge...

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Carter Group Heritage Week - Christchurch

Carter Group Heritage Week

Appreciating a country’s heritage is integral to have a feeling of belonging and responsibility to one’s country. The Heritage week in Christchurch aims to do just that by arranging cultural events and tours to historical buildings so that people can appreciate the historic value of the city...

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ChartFest - Christchurch


ChartFest is the city’s favorite music festival that has a line up of fresh upcoming talent as well as some of the NZ favorites. The event has various music activities together with live shows and interviews. Some of the highlights of the festival are the Music Career workshops and the Band...

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Christchurch Arts Festivals - Christchurch

Christchurch Arts Festivals

Bringing together an array of performances by renowned dancers, artists, visual art specialists, literary and music icons (jazz, pop, classical& opera), the Arts festival is a hyped up event in the city. Held in the various auditoriums and galleries across Christchurch, these performances are...

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Christchurch City Marathon and Half Marathon - Christchurch

Christchurch City Marathon and Half Marathon

Early June, the Christchurch City Marathon creates an adrenaline rush among the locals. The marathon is one of the country’s most famous and extensive sport events that is attended by over 2000 participants. Onlookers cheer on their favorite runners and spend time networking and enjoying the...

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