Fast Facts

Location: Christchurch is the largest city in the Southern Island of New Zealand. Located one third of the way down the east coast, it is the second largest urban city of the country that enjoys a view of the sunny beaches as well as the snowy ski resorts. To the south of the city is the Bank Peninsula.

Dialing codes: International dialing code: +64 ; area code: 3
Emergency numbers: Police, ambulance and firefighters: 111
Airport enquiry:  Phone: +64 (3) 358 5029, Fax: +64 (3) 353 7730
Population: Territorial- 376700 ; urban- 390300
Density:  Territorial-  264.2/ sq km; Urban- 863.5/sq km
Language: English
Time zone: NZST (UTC+12) Summer zone: NZST (UTC+13)
Annual rainfall: 648mm
Highest summer temperature: 23 degree
Lowest winter temperature: 7 degree
Exchange rate: NZ$