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General Information About Christchurch - New Zealand

Annual Temperatures - Christchurch

Annual Temperatures

               Min Temp °Ϲ    Max Temp °Ϲ
January         12                   23Read More

Best of the city in one day - Christchurch

Best of the city in one day

Wrapping up the whole of Christchurch in a day’s trip is quite impossible because much of the beauty and history of the city yearns to be explored. However, if a day is all you have here’s Irhal.com’s list of the most important sites you must visit in order to say you’ve truly done the city...

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Christchurch History - Christchurch

Christchurch History

Christchurch’s name was coined on 27th March 1848 by John Robert Godley who named it after one of the constituent colleges of Oxford University in the first meeting of the Canterbury Province. It was elevated to the status of the oldest established city of New Zealand on 31st July 1856 after the...

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Christchurch residents - Christchurch

Christchurch residents

People in New Zealand can be categorized into various ethnicities because of the friendly diversity that the country is exposed to. A major chunk of the population is called New Zealand European which comprises about 74.5% of the total following which are the Maori with 9.7% share. Other European,...

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Christchurch Today - Christchurch

Christchurch Today

Christchurch has been on a steady growth for cultural diversity, change and a cosmopolitan outlook towards its society and the International arena. With beautiful sceneries around its snowy and beach areas, the city has capitalized well on these natural aspects to build the foundation of a multi...

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Fast Facts - Christchurch

Fast Facts

Location: Christchurch is the largest city in the Southern Island of New Zealand. Located one third of the way down the east coast, it is the second largest urban city of the country that enjoys a view of the sunny beaches as well as the snowy ski resorts. To the south of the city...

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Public Holidays - Christchurch

Public Holidays

1st January: New Year’s Day
2nd January: Second Day celebration of New Year
6th February: Waitangi Day
Good Friday: Friday before Easter
Easter Monday: Monday after Easter
25th April :ANZAC Day
1st Monday of June: Queen’s birthday
4th Monday of...

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When to go - Christchurch

When to go

The beauty of the Garden City is that every time of the year is the best time to visit! All seasons in Christchurch are pleasant and have attractions of their own that lure tourists from around the world. Therefore, be it the summer season during December, January and February or the blossoming...

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