Public transport

There is a range of ways to get around the city Auckland, which are riding the bus, train, ferry, taxi, shuttle service or even renting your own car. As a result of privatization that took place during the 1980s, Auckland’s public transport system is run by a mixture of different operators, none of which seem to co-operate with one another and therefore there are a few integrated public transport passes.

The Auckland Regional Council is in charge of streamlining public transportation and they run the excellent Maxx (09-366 6400) information service, which covers information relating to buses, trains and ferries. The website is quite handy and has an excellent trip-planning feature.

TIPS:The main hub for information for public transportation is located at the Britomart Transport (situated at the corner of Customs & Quenen street). Over here, you will be able to find timetables for the bus, ferry and the train service. You can also download these from the MAXX website. The Auckland Discovery Pass can be purchased for NZ$13, and provides travel on all forms of public transportation in Auckland, except the Fullers ferries and the Airbus that runs from the CBD to the airport.