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Transportation - Getting Around in Auckland - New Zealand

Buses - Auckland


Auckland’s public transportation system isn’t the greatest; however, they offer sufficient bus and train services to get you around the city.
An interesting mode of transportation available for shoppers, is the City Circuit Red Bus. This bus service, which is free, goes around the inner...

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Car for hire - Auckland

Car for hire

Auckland’s highways tend to get cramped and crowded during peak times, especially the Northern and Southern lines and it is generally recommended to avoid driving between 7AM and 9AM, and from 5PM to 7PM. Another downside with renting a car is that parking is a problem in central Auckland. To...

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Driving Tips - Auckland

Driving Tips

The Auckland City Ambassadors dress up in bright yellow jackets and are available on the streets for guidance and to find your way around the city.  (tel. 09/379-2020). They are dressed in bright yellow jackets and are on the streets in the downtown area daily from 9am to 6pm.  Read More

From the airport - Auckland

From the airport

To get from the Auckland airport to the city, there are a number of means of transportation that can be used such as buses, shuttles and taxis.
If one is interested in taking the bus to the city, there is the Airbus which is available 7 days a week, 23 hours a day. The one way fare for...

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Metro - Auckland


The train service in Auckland is somewhat limited but is still quite decent. Trains are generally clean, cheap and usually on time; however, they are not very frequent and you would need to refer to a timetable to figure out your agenda/route. In recent years, the train service has improved mainly...

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Public transport  - Auckland

Public transport

There is a range of ways to get around the city Auckland, which are riding the bus, train, ferry, taxi, shuttle service or even renting your own car. As a result of privatization that took place during the 1980s, Auckland’s public transport system is run by a mixture of different operators, none...

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Taxi - Auckland


Traffic can get quite congested on the roads in Auckland but since public transportation isn’t as expansive and frequent as some other cities, tourist and locals are forced to use the reliable taxi services. Rates for taxi services range are decent. Taxis can be flagged down, ordered by phone, or...

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