Fast Facts

-Location: Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia. North Island of New Zealand.
-Dialing code: 09
-Emergency numbers:
       Calling police, reporting fire or to request ambulance dial 111
       For other matters, call the Central Police Station (tel. 09/379-4240). 
       For emergency medical services, call tel. 09/524-5943 or 09/579-9909. The CityMed Medical Centre is on the corner of Mills Lane and Albert Street, in the Inner City (tel. 09/377-5525). 
       For emergency and after-hours dental service, call Auckland Accident & Emergency Clinic (tel. 09/520-6609). It's open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 11pm, Sunday until 10pm.
•    Population: 1.4 million people.
•    Languages: English & Maori
•    Time Zone: NZST (UTC+12)
•    Climate: Auckland experiences a temperate coastal climate.  Monthly average maximum temperatures range between 14 and 24°C
•    Major cities/districts:  Auckland City, Franklin District, Manukau City, North Shore City, Papakura District, Rodney District,Waitakere City.
•    Ethnic composition: Largely Maori, European, Polynesian and Asian.
•    Major industries: Technology, biotechnology, marine, film/TV production, food and beverage, engineering.
Auckland is the entryway to New Zealand and offers varied way of life with its diverse of culture and leisure activities available to both visitors and residents. The cities physical geography makes it an interesting location for migrants as well as it includes three harbors and 48 volcanic cones.   
The region stretches from the west coast, with its rugged coast lines and black sand beaches, over mountain ranges, through the cosmopolitan ‘City of Sails’, over to the beautiful white sandy beaches of the east coast and out to the islands of the Hauraki Gulf.  
Auckland plays host to numerous ethnic groups and therefore the cultural presence is quite diverse. The Maori, European, Polynesian and Asian cultures have all contributed to the current lifestyle in Auckland including arts, cuisines and other activities. 

-Time zone
      -Average January temperatures: 13 degrees
      -Average July temperatures: 25 degrees
      -Annual rainfall
Average annual rainfall: 1,240mm
Average annual sunshine hours: 2,060
Average summer temperature (°C): 20
Average winter temperature (°C): 11