Auckland Today

With a population of over one million, Auckland is easily the largest metropolitan city in New Zealand. Auckland can be broken down into four separate cities/districts 
   1.    Auckland City - Central Auckland
   2.    Manukau - South and outer east Auckland
   3.    Waitakere - West Auckland
   4.    North Shore - Auckland north of the Waitemata Harbour and the Auckland Harbour Bridge
Given the geographic location of Auckland – near the waterside, the residents have developed a strong love affair with the sea and there are numerous yachts parked around the Waitemata Harbor and Hauruki Gulf. The city is also referred to as the City of Sails. Another interesting feature about Auckland is that a lot of character of the city comes from the fact that is built upon the Auckland Volcanic Field (consisting of 48 mostly extinct volcanoes) and therefore is also known as the “City of Volcanoes”. There is a large covering of rainforest along the Hauraki Gulf. Two fantastic island getaways are the Waiheke Island and the Great Barrier Island.