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General Information About Auckland - New Zealand

Annual Temperature - Auckland

Annual Temperature

January         Avg low: 16°      Avg hi: 23°      Avg precip: 5.64 cm
February       Avg low: 17°      Avg hi: 24°      Avg precip: 7.16 cm

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Auckland History - Auckland

Auckland History

Auckland used to be the capital of New Zealand but lost its status to Wellington. Auckland is also the main hub for industrial and commercial activities of the country. Wellington is the political capital, Auckland is the main metropolitan city.

In the past, Auckland was mainly...

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Auckland Residents - Auckland

Auckland Residents

Auckland is the largest city in Polynesia and there is a very strong Polynesian rhythm and culture prevalent. The city can be termed as a mixture of cultural influences from Europe, the South Pacific and Asia along with a combination of Maori cultural heritage. The rich cultural infusion can is...

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Auckland Today - Auckland

Auckland Today

With a population of over one million, Auckland is easily the largest metropolitan city in New Zealand. Auckland can be broken down into four separate cities/districts 
   1.    Auckland City - Central Auckland
   2.    Manukau...

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Exchange Rates - Auckland

Exchange Rates

The monetary unit is the New Zealand dollar (NZ$) which is equal to 100 New Zealand cents. Currently the New Zealand dollar has a lower value than the US dollar. Note that the exchange rate fluctuates. One can find a plethora of moneychangers and banks located on the main Queen Street (in the city...

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Fast Facts - Auckland

Fast Facts

-Location: Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia. North Island of New Zealand.
-Dialing code: 09
-Emergency numbers:
       Calling police, reporting fire or to...

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Public Holidays - Auckland

Public Holidays

New Years Day: 1 January
Day after New Year’s Day: 2 January
Waitangi Day: 6 February
Anniversary Day Auckland / Northland: 29 January
Good Friday: Varies
Easter Monday: Varies
ANZAC Day: 25 April
Queen's Birthday: 1st Monday in June Read More

When to go - Auckland

When to go

Auckland is situated in the northern part of the island of New Zealand, which is located in the Southern Hemisphere; meaning temperature variations are the opposite. The weather all year round in Auckland is in a fairly normal range; meaning, that although the city experiences all 4 seasons, it...

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