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Amsterdam - Netherlands
Amsterdam today
Amsterdam is a soothing site for sore eyes as it gives you a feeling of old and new Europe. From its canals, meandering through the city like grapevines, to the latest designs gracing the ramps at the city's fashion week, Amsterdam is certainly a ...
Amsterdam History
Amsterdam is believed to have been a small fishing village. It is said that the villagers who were settled on the banks of the Amstel built a bridge across the river to cross over to the other side. The wooden doors of the bridge served as a dam ...

Madame Tussauds
In central Amsterdam you will come across the famous Madame Tussauds Amsterdam Museum which houses...

The Royal Palace
Located in central Amsterdam on the Dam Square, this 17th century palace was originally built as a...

Amsterdam's Canals
With almost 25 perfect of its surface area covered with navigable waterways, Amsterdam is often...

Rijksmuseum -
A true treat for art lovers, the Rijkmuseum features a splendid collection of Dutch paintings from...

Amsterdam - Netherlands City Guide & Travel Information


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