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Transportation - Getting Around in Amsterdam - Netherlands

Buses - Amsterdam


Regional buses travel in and around the city and their time tables are available at the airport and at every street corner. The Express Service Buses have fewer stops than other buses. Holland also has a service called the Interliner, which is used for longer distances and is similar to America's...

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Car for hire - Amsterdam

Car for hire

Most car rental companies require you to be 21 or older (some require you to be 23) to hire a car. You are also required to have a valid international driving license and passport. Rates vary from 39 EUR to 115 EUR per day depending upon the car model. This price is exclusive of the fuel cost....

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Driving Tips - Amsterdam

Driving Tips

Remember to always drive on the right hand side of the road. You might encounter many cyclists on the road who often disregard traffic signals and rules. Be careful while driving on roads with too many cyclists. The speed limit in cities is 30 miles/hr (50 kms) and on highways this ranges from 60...

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From the airport - Amsterdam

From the airport

Direct Rail Link connects Schiphol International Airport to Amsterdam central station and is the fastest way to get to the city center. Trains run every 10 minutes from platforms 1 and 2 in the main arrival plaza and cost just € 3.60 for a single journey. Tickets are available from the ticket...

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Metro - Amsterdam


The tram and the subway system are other means of traveling and enjoyment as it gives tourists a view of the city from a different angle (The Hague and GVB Companies offer tram services). These transport services begin functioning at 6 a.m. and operate until midnight. It is better to have a...

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Taxi - Amsterdam


The taxi system in Holland is the same as everywhere else; you may book it in advance or catch one on the street. They have blue license plates with black letters and digits and have the word TAXI on top of the roof. Taxi stands are visible at quite a few tourist places such as Leidseplein, Dam...

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