What to do with Children in Tow

Kids have many things to see and do when in Amsterdam:

Founded in 1838, the Artis Zoo is one of the largest in Europe. It is home to 700 animal species and 200 tree varieties, many on the verge of extinction. Artis is also one of the   fewest zoos in Europe that has famous historical buildings [the Large Museum (1855), the unique Library building (1867) and the Aquarium (1882)] in the zoo complex itself.

Location: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
   1018 CZ Amsterdam
Tel: 020 5233400
Tram: 6, 9, 14 or 'Artis Expres' (shuttle boat)

Opening times:
Open daily from 9am - 6pm
Closes at 4pm in summer
Entrance fee:
  Adults:  € 14.50
   Senior citizens (65+): € 13.50
   Children 3 - 9:   € 11.00
   Group discount for 20 people:  € 1 off per person
   Guide book € 2.50 available in Dutch/English/German/French.

Situated at Oosterdok, NEMO is a museum like no other. It allows young children to use the experiments that are displayed and have proper hands on experience. It has four floors that appeal to children of all ages, interests and backgrounds. There are giant soap bubbles, chemistry labs and a Media Lab. You can hoist yourself to the ceiling; solve murder mysteries with DNA technology and disassemble old electronics. There are several cafes in the compound but you can bring your own food if you want. NEMO is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm and like many museums it is closed on Mondays.


Kinderkookkafe is an eatery in Amsterdam where children themselves cook and serve the food. The place is a restaurant and a cooking school combined into one. Normally, parents drop their children off in the afternoon and return later in the day to eat the meal the children have made. Adults are not allowed to eat at the cafe unless specifically invited by a child.

Address: Vondelpark, 6 Aan Het Kattenlaantje, Amsterdam 1071 AA Netherlands
+34 20 625 3257
Opening Hours:


The numbers of canals in Amsterdam have given the city the nickname of “The Venice of the North". You must go on a canal ride to get the true essence of Amsterdam. Of the many canals in the city the most prominent ones are: Prinsengracht, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Singel. There are also numerous smaller canals in the neighborhood of Jordaan, of which the Brouwersgracht, the Bloemgracht and the Leliegracht are especially pleasant.


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