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Festivals in Amsterdam - Netherlands

Amsterdam Dance Event - Amsterdam

Amsterdam Dance Event

The Amsterdam Dance Event takes place on October 18 till October 20th, and has 300 DJs and artists from all over Amsterdam come together to produce a heady fusion of music and dance.                   Read More

Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival - Amsterdam

Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival

The Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival takes place in April from the 18th to the 25 th and  brings to the audience a mix of anime, fantasy, thriller, cult, horror, and sci-fi movies.                   Read More

International Documentary Film Festival - Amsterdam

International Documentary Film Festival

Come December and Amsterdam plays host to the International Documentary Film Festival. This festival is a platform for young and established documentary film makers to screen films that are making an impact around the world....

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International Fashion Week - Amsterdam

International Fashion Week

The Amsterdam International Fashion Week takes place in January. The event showcases the talent of young designers, wanting to make their mark on the fashion world. The week guarantees to be an interesting mix of fashion, photography, parties and...

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Jumping Amsterdam  - Amsterdam

Jumping Amsterdam

For those who love horses, Jumping Amsterdam is the event for you!  It is considered the best equestrian event in the Netherlands. It  is an international indoor horse show featuring high-level jumping and dressage competitions. The year 2009 sees the very special 50th edition of this...

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Kwakoe Festival  - Amsterdam

Kwakoe Festival

The Kwakoe Festival takes place on 30th June and is all about having a good time and relaxing. The festival offers an enticing combo of theatre, music, film, literature, sports and more!...

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The  Amsterdam Festival - Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Festival

The 5 Days of The Amsterdam Festival are all about lots of electronic music combined with an indoor dance event and a massive concert with bands coming together from across the globe.                   Read More


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