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Transportation - Getting Around in Kathmandu - Nepal

Buses - Kathmandu


Buses, while cheap, are incredibly crowded and cover a limited number of places in the city. Buses for destinations within the Kathmandu Valley run from the City bus station, also known as the ‘old bus stand’, found on the eastern edge of Tundikhel parade ground. Try not to get too freaked out...

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Car for hire - Kathmandu

Car for hire

Given the density and craziness of the traffic in Kathmandu, not to mention the poor quality of the roads and the careless driving rules and signage, it is not recommended that you hire a car. This also applies for renting a motorcycle. There are, nonetheless, several rental agencies in...

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Cycle/Rickshaw - Kathmandu


Always negotiate a price before you get into a rickshaw – they generally cost Rs 30 to Rs 50 for most fares around town. Sometimes they can be a little more expensive than taxi drivers so shop around.

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From the airport - Kathmandu

From the airport

Kathmandu’s international airport is the Tribhuvan Airport. Getting to Kathmandu is easy, both the international and domestic terminals offer a fixed pre-paid taxi service to Thamel (Rs 500 is the current price). If you book a room in advance, most hotels will pick you up directly from the...

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Taxi - Kathmandu


The taxis in Kathmandu are reasonable with fares starting at Rs 10 then increasing by Rs 4.80 for every 200m. You can ask for taxi drivers to use the fare meter, even on short trips, though when travelling from major tourist destinations you may have to negotiate. Fares at night (usually between...

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