Fast Facts

-Location: Located within the Kathmandu Valley, it stands at an elevation of 1,400 meters (4,600 ft).
-Dialing code: country: +997
                      city: 1

Emergency numbers
   Police: 100, 4223011
   Tourist Police: Bhrikuti Mandap (4247041), Thamel (4700750)
   Fire: 101, 4221177
   Ambulance: 4521048
   Tourist Information Helpdesk: 01-4256909 (Nepal Tourism Board)
   Car Breakdown Service: No available number
   Highway Patrol: No available number
   Telephone Directory Services:
   Airport Enquiry: 4113261
   Railway Enquiry: No available number

Population: average 1 million
Languages: Nepali is the common language of the city. English and Hindu are easily understood by the more educated populous while other languages such as Chinese, French, German, Korean and Hebrew are also moderately understood.
Time zone: GMT + 5hrs and 45 min
Average January temperatures: 18 °C
Average July temperatures: 27 °C
Annual rainfall: 1,425.1 mm.