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General Information About Kathmandu - Nepal

Annual Temperature - Kathmandu

Annual Temperature

Month      Average High    Average Low
January        18 °C                2 °C
February       20.2 °C            3.8 °C
March           24.3 °C            7.5 °C
April             27.4...

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Currency and  Exchange Rates - Kathmandu

Currency and Exchange Rates

The Nepalese currency is the rupee. ...

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Fast Facts - Kathmandu

Fast Facts

-Location: Located within the Kathmandu Valley, it stands at an elevation of 1,400 meters (4,600 ft).
-Dialing code: country: +997Read More

Kathmandu History - Kathmandu

Kathmandu History

To discover the history of Kathmandu is really to discover the history of the Newars, who are the main inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley. The foundation of the city dates back to the 12th century AD, during the Malla dynasty. The southern half of old town was where the trade route to Tibet...

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Kathmandu Today - Kathmandu

Kathmandu Today

Unfortunately since the beginning of 2000, Kathmandu has experienced political instability which mars its colourful heritage. On 1st June, 2001, Crown Prince Dipendra massacred his immediate family including his father, King Birendra, his mother Queen Aishvarya, his brother and sister and five...

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Public Holidays - Kathmandu

Public Holidays

Please note that these public holidays and festivals affect the working hours of government offices and banks. Some close for the day while others close for the duration of a festival. The dates change annually so always double check your travel plans before you leave.

•   ...

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Residents - Kathmandu


The population of Nepal has an annual growth rate of 2.25% which adds to the country’s mounting problems in health care, education and infrastructure. The rising standards of living have contributed to a slightly declining birth rate, but there is still a long way to go in balancing the...

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When to go - Kathmandu

When to go

There are two distinct seasons in Nepal: the dry season (October to May) and the wet season (June to September). July is considered to be the wettest month of the year. Autumn (September to November) and Spring (March to May) are considered to be the best months to visit. The bulk of the tourists...

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