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Car for Hire

altRenting a car in Casablanca, Morocco for the lowest possible price is important. But just as important are service and rental conditions. But conditions may vary, depending on location and car supplier. Make sure to check the exact rental conditions for a specific car in Casablanca before you make a reservation.
www.comparecarrent.com/morocco/casablanca  gives a comprehensive price list of cars available from three care hire companies; Holiday Cars, Car Del Mar and Atlas Choice. If you rent a car for a longer duration you can avail a special discount.
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Complexe des Habous
Avenue des F.A.R.
20000 Casablanca
Phone: +212 522 313737
Fax: +212 522 310960

Sixt rent-a-car
Casablanca Downtown
3,R.Assad Ibnou Zarara Maarif
20100 Casablanca
Phone: +212-522-232320
Fax: +212-522-259343


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