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Festivals in Casablanca - Morocco

Amazigh Theatre Fest - Casablanca

Amazigh Theatre Fest

The Amazigh Theatre Fest is a fest with a difference. While it has all the usual attributes of theatrical production  like speech, gesture, music, dance and sound all  incorporated in a way universally accepted, it also has the unique distinction of being carried out in Berber, an ancient North...

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Boulevard des Jeunne Musicians - Casablanca

Boulevard des Jeunne Musicians

The Boulevard des Jeunne Musicians  is an yearly music festival contest  which lasts many days. Four main categories are featured; Electro, Hip Hop, Rock and Roll/Metal and Fusion.

Stade du C.O.C.
Date: May

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Casablanca Festival - Casablanca

Casablanca Festival

A celebration of all things Moroccan, the Casablanca Festival showcases local arts and music, and celebrations take place all over the city's public spaces, including cinemas, beaches, squares and streets. Look out for international artists and musicians, such as Craig David who will be performing...

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Jazzablanca Festival - Casablanca

Jazzablanca Festival

A number of jazz musicians converge from around the globe to entertain thousands of visitors who descend on the city each April when the event takes place at the Megarama Cinema in Casablanca. One of Casablanca's most prestigious events on the social calendar, Jazzblanca is a must for lovers of all...

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Mousseum of Sidi Mohammed Ma al-Ainin - Casablanca

Mousseum of Sidi Mohammed Ma al-Ainin

Moussems are important gatherings to pay homage to saints. This veneration of saints goes against the principles of orthodox Muslims, nevertheless these celebrations continue with great fervor.
An interesting event held every year in May is the “Mousseum of Sidi Mohammed Ma al-Ainin”,...

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Urban Culture on Stage - Casablanca

Urban Culture on Stage

Urban Culture on Stage is a non-religious festival that promotes the talent of the city. The festival exhibits new musical genres that have become a significant part of the city over a period of time. This festival is generally hosted at the Zafzaf Cultural Center during March each year, making it...

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Video Arts Festival - Casablanca

Video Arts Festival

The Casablanca Festival of Video Art explores the latest in video and multi-media installations. It also promotes the exchange of ideas by holding workshops and conferences for artists and anyone interested in the subject.

Venue: Universite Hassan II Mohammedia

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