Convenient, easily available, and inexpensive. A 6 pesos base fare, with 0.7 pesos for every additional quarter-kilometer, for rides between 6am to 11pm. Night fares are around 20% higher. Some cabs would not follow the meter but prefer to haggle out the fare with the passenger – if you think the fare is inappropriate, wait and you will soon get another cab.

It is recommended that you keep a map of the city handy if you are not too sure exactly where you want to go, as quite a few regions have very similar, and some even have same, names.

Taxis have sometimes proven to be dangerous for tourists, being involved in kidnappings and robberies. It is advisable to ride taxis whose number plates start with an "S" (base taxis) rather than with an "L" or "A" (free-roaming taxis). Also, make sure that the license of the taxi, usually mounted near the windshield on the inside, contains a photo of the driver.

Radio cabs are much safer, although considerably more expensive. These can be called by phone to any location within the city. A few popular services are:

1.    RET (Phone: 8590-6720, 8590-6721)
2.    Taxi-Mex (Phone: 9171-8888, 5634-9912)
3.    Sitio Parque México (Phone: 5286-7129, 5286-7164)
4.    Radio Maxi Seguridad (Phone: 5768-8557, 5552-1376)
5.    Taxis Radio Unión (Phone: 5514-8124)