From the airport

There are three primary ways to find your way into the city after you land at the airport.

The first is by the metro – if you have been to the city before, and feel confident that you know your way around town, you should opt for this cheap, reliable system that would require you to decide where to get on and off on your own. The Metro arrives once every ten minutes, so you are sure to get to your destination without long waits in the arrivals lobby.
The second is by hiring a taxi from the various stands at the airport. Contact information for each private cab company is given above. You can opt for the usual, cheaper but riskier cabs, or the more expensive but more reliable Radio Cabs.

The third is the shuttle service provided by most hotels around town. If you already have a reservation at a local hotel, you will be escorted to your destination in a vehicle belonging to your prestigious place of stay.

The airport also has limited shuttle service for guests – their buses circulate the city in a touristic manner, and you can get off anywhere along the way.