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Transportation - Getting Around in Mexico City - Mexico

Buses - Mexico City


Buses present the most convenient form of public transport within the city due to their easy availability and affordable fares.
There are two main kinds of public buses running around the city: the government operated RTP and the Microbuses.
RTP buses charge a standard $2 fare (no...

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Car for Hire - Mexico City

Car for Hire

Although driving in a city like Mexico can be quite a chore for amateurs, it might be, for some, the most convenient means of going places. Some of the most popular rental car agencies are:
1.    Europcar: Address: 8 Calle Estololmo...

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Driving Tips - Mexico City

Driving Tips

Mexico City is not really a driver friendly city, especially for tourists, and more so for those who cannot read Spanish, as almost all signs on the road and freeways are in Spanish.

Wearing seatbelts while driving is required by law – and you never know what you may come across on...

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From the airport - Mexico City

From the airport

There are three primary ways to find your way into the city after you land at the airport. The first is by the metro – if you have been to the city before, and feel confident that you know your way around town, you should opt for this cheap, reliable system that would require you to decide where...

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Metro - Mexico City


The Metro in Mexico City is one of the most widely used metro systems in the world. It is ideal for a city with a large population and insufficient roads. It is quite popular with the locals, as tickets are very cheap (2 pesos per trip with the facility to transfer from one line to another). The...

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Taxi - Mexico City


Convenient, easily available, and inexpensive. A 6 pesos base fare, with 0.7 pesos for every additional quarter-kilometer, for rides between 6am to 11pm. Night fares are around 20% higher. Some cabs would not follow the meter but prefer to haggle out the fare with the passenger – if you think the...

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