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Shoes and leather goods

  Address: Avenida de las Palmas 858, Las Lomas, Mexico City
Phone: 55/5202-7005

Expensive shoe and bag/purse store for men and women, with cool designer labels.

2.Las Bolsas de Coyoacán:
Address: Carrillo Puerto 9, Coyoacán, Mexico City
Phone: 55/5554-2010

Expensive but high quality leather products including bags and luggage carriers.

Address: Londres 158, Local B, Col. Juárez, Mexico City
Phone: 55/5511-0757
Website: www.tecnopiel.com

Leather jackets and bags at reasonable prices.

4.Via Spiga:
Address: Hamburgo 136, Zona Rosa, Mexico City
Phone:  55/5207-9997

Leather handbags, shoes, jackets and gloves, at modest but fixed prices. No bargaining here, but the already low tag prices will not require much bargaining either.


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