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Papalote (Children's Museum)

Avenida Constituyentes, 268, Mexico City 11560, Mexico
52 52 37 17 81
52 52 37 17 70
Children under 12 and over 60: 30 pesos
Children in between: 40 pesos

Cheery, colorful, full of life, this is one educational and entertainment experience you will not want your kids to miss out on. Audio-visual aids create a virtual environment, for example a large-screen continuous playback tour of the Amazon forests, that captivates and stimulates young minds. The IMAX Theater plays movies on science and culture.
Interactive exhibits contain activities based on technology, history, and art, that enable children to feel part of a learning experience by involving them in real-life situations, for example an archaeological dig, or a hike through a forest.
The gift shop here offers learning tools such as educational toys, books, demonstrative videos, and documentaries – and, of course, souvenirs!


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