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Mexico City Hostel

altAddress:  República de Brasil #8, Colonia Centro, Mexico City
Phone: (55) 5512-3666 / 5512-7731
Website: http://www.mexicocityhostel.com/
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One of the many hostels and guesthouses around the city, but one of the few more secure and worthwhile ones. Head to it if you want to spend more on exploring the city and just need a comfy bed to sleep. The hotel offers a rich interior, however, that echoes with the accents of Mexican tradition, overlapped with touches of modern ornamentation here and there.
Wi-Fi available in the main lobby. A 24-hour reception desk allows check in and check out at any time.

Private bedrooms as well as dormitory style living areas. The facilities provided are nothing to complain about either, and at such modest costs, they seem like a very good deal. Hot showers in shared bathrooms, charged internet and laundry facilities, and scrumptious breakfast are just some of the specialties you can be certain of.

The hostel serves excellent Mexican breakfast each day. A guest kitchen is included for you to try your hand at making authentic Mexican food.


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