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San Ángel Flower Festival

altdate :16-26 July
San Angel Flower Festival has roots deep in tradition. It began in the ancient times when inhabitants of Mexico City worshipped numerous gods one of which is Xiuhtecuitl, the God of the Flowers. The San Angel Flower Festival is held in honor of Xiuhtecuitl and to seek a productive season for flowers and fruits.
The festival comprises of various neighborhood-level events arranged in streets, churches, and other places of cultural significance.
A wide variety of some of the finest of Mexico’s flowers are up for sale. And like all festivals of a lively city, this event also features live street performances and street parties open for free to every fun-loving person!
The festival is held from 16-26 July every year.
Website: http://feriadelasfloresdesanangel.blogspot.com/


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