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Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival

altThe MICFF promotes budding directors and film makers in the city.
Initiated in 2004, this event was an instant hit and drew in crowds from all over the city, also attracting a significant number of international enthusiasts.
Aimed at putting México City on the map of modern cultural hotspots, this festival is for everyone who likes to be associated with cinema and film, whether it is creating, viewing, rating, or just criticizing for fun.
Screenings of various genres of film, ranging from documentaries to pure imaginative fiction, discussion groups and interview sessions with the film makers, and competitions for amateur film makers are the main highlights of this festival. 

Contact Address:
Boulevard Manuel Avila Camacho
40, Piso 16
Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec
Mexico City

Website: http://www.ficco.com.mx/index.php/ficco/index/I


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