Mexico City Today

Mexico City is ranked as one of the most densely populated cities in the world, with an overall population of over 18 million residents. It is divided into 16 major boroughs, which are further categorized into various neighborhoods to ease administration.

The Mexico City of today reserves the rich cultural and archaeological heritage that it has gained over the last few centuries, while battling against the problems faced by all developing, populous third-world capitals, including uncontrolled growth, economic constraints, various forms of pollution, and a consequent above average level of petty street crime.

The main city, however, flourishes with liveliness on the streets, and is marked with contrasts between its poorest and its richest areas, giving it a truly unique and multi-ethnic character that is evident at once to any tourist.

Most of the city’s tourist hotspots can still be explored and enjoyed fully on foot, which is surprising as the city seems a complex maze at first. But as you get down from a vehicle and start touring, you will soon realize that one large visitor site would often contain a bunch of associated landmarks/interest spots, as well as some of the best restaurants and parks in the area, making it easier to explore each neighborhood at your own pace while stopping for relaxing and eating, linking the monuments/sites together and coming back to a central focal point at the end of the tour, to reflect upon the tour and maybe to set off in a new direction.