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Mexico City Residents

altMexico City has a very varied population, both local and international, as permanent residents. These include Americans and Spanish speaking immigrants as well as a large number of indigenous people, who speak their own dialects of Spanish and other local languages, bringing greater diversity to the city.

The city also has a large number of immigrants from South American nations like Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Venezuela, and recently Asian immigrants have also set up local businesses like restaurants and retail outlets in the city, mostly Chinese and Korean. Mexico City also houses the largest US-national population outside of the United States.

Roman Catholic is the main religious group, while small populations of Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists are also present. There is also a considerable presence of atheists in the city, which makes practices such as prostitution, homosexuality, euthanasia, and abortion fairly common and more acceptable among some social circles here than in other cities around Mexico.

When heading out on the streets alone or travelling by buses or the metro, be sure you are fluent in Spanish or have a guide, as locals are friendlier towards a Spanish tone, and will be more willing to offer bargains and free bits of souvenirs as tokens of hospitality.

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