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General Information About Mexico City - Mexico

Annual Temperature - Mexico City

Annual Temperature

a- JanuaryHigh
21 C° (70 F°)
6 C° (43 F°)

b- FebruaryHigh
23 C° (73 F°)
7 C° (45 F°)

c- MarchHigh
25 C° (77 F°)
9 C° (49 F°) d- AprilHigh
26 C° (79 F°)
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Exchange Rates - Mexico City

Exchange Rates

Mexican Peso: MXN

{loadposition currency} ...

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Fast Facts - Mexico City

Fast Facts

-Location: Mexico City, Mexico
              -Dialing code: +52-1-55
            -Emergency numbers
                  Police: 060 and 080
                        Fire: +52 5768-8261 Read More

Mexico City History - Mexico City

Mexico City History

Mexico City has its roots buried in ancient tradition – the history of the city is put together from myths and heroic epics alike. From the founding of the legendary island city of Tenochtitlan in 1325 and the reign of powerful leaders like Montezuma, to the savage plundering of the Aztec empire...

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Mexico City Residents - Mexico City

Mexico City Residents

Mexico City has a very varied population, both local and international, as permanent residents. These include Americans and Spanish speaking immigrants as well as a large number of indigenous people, who speak their own dialects of Spanish and other local languages, bringing greater diversity to...

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Mexico City Today - Mexico City

Mexico City Today

Mexico City is ranked as one of the most densely populated cities in the world, with an overall population of over 18 million residents. It is divided into 16 major boroughs, which are further categorized into various neighborhoods to ease administration.

The Mexico City of today...

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Public Holidays - Mexico City

Public Holidays

January 1:         New Year's Day
February :         Constitution Day
March 17:         Birthday of Benito Juárez
March 20*:         Maundy Thursday
21 March 21*:     Good Friday
May 1:         Labour Day
May 5*:   ...

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When to go - Mexico City

When to go

Alive with activity all year round, Mexico City offers visitors a perfect vacation getaway with so much to offer in terms of its rich cultural heritage, in the form of museums, artifacts, and hand crafted souvenirs, not to forget the scrumptious variety of local and contemporary cuisine.
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