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National Museum

ImageVisiting Maldives, one of the most exciting tourist attractions is the National Museum. An old palace building in the Sultan Park has been converted to house the museum. A large collection of historical objects are on exibit at the museum that portrays the rich past and cultural legacy of Maldives.

The museum has on display numerous objects belonging to the Sultans. The vast collection comprises ornaments and costumes worn by various kings and queens, stone items of the Maldives' pre-Islamic period, paper and cloth manuscripts, arms and armor, photographs of important personalities, objects of cultural importance and various other items which depict the Maldivians history.

For the general public the museum was opened the Maldives National Day, which falls on November 19 1952 (1st Rabeeul Awwal). It was inaugurated by the Prime Minister at that time, Ameer Mohamed Amin Didi. The museum was set up to preserve the history of Maldives and to invoke the patriotic feelings of the people.

The National Museum is open between 9 am and 3 pm. It remains closed on Fridays and public holidays.

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