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ImageThis beautiful island city, which is the capital of Maldives, is crowded with taxis, motorbikes, business people, hawkers and crisply uniformed school children. Male offers a stark contrast to the other islands of the country with brightly colored tall thin buildings  which reflect the amazingly turquoise water that surround the country. This is where all business activity and overall economic progress takes place. The country’s political affairs are managed here also.
Male is smaller in size than the nearby airport island of Hulhumale’. This is where the economic, political and cultural leaders of the republic congregate and where nearly all the country’s huge numbers of exports arrive. Numerous expatriates and travelers find themselves here frequently. Male’ is a great place to visit to experience the Maldivian way of life. 
Male’ is pleasant and pleasingly unpredictable. It has many historical sites to see. The beautiful artificial beach is a must see. The city is full of activity as alcohol-free bars and many restaurants jostle with an incredible array of shops and lively markets. This is the place where all imports into the country are administered and sold. It is very exciting to be amidst the general hullabaloo of a capital city.  


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