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Organized Tours in Maldives - Maldives

Club Rannalhi - Maldives

Club Rannalhi

South Malé Atoll (Kaafu), Maldives
Tel: +960 6642688
Fax: +960 6640235
Email: front@rannalhi.com.mv ...

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Fisherman’s Island - Maldives

Fisherman’s Island

The Village Tour – a glimpse of the life and heritage of a community of around a thousand people living on one of Maldives’ magical islands. This is an ideal place to acquire souvenirs and local handicrafts and get a lasting memory of exotic Maldives.
Club Rannalhi
South Malé...

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Island Hopping - Maldives

Island Hopping

A full-day excursion that includes a visit to an uninhabited island – ideal for swimming or relaxing under the sun after (or even before) a delicious barbeque lunch. A visit to an inhabited island offers a taste of Maldivian life and culture, the perfect end to a perfect day. ...

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Night fishing - Maldives

Night fishing

In the Atoll Lagoon, under moonlight or starlight, using handlines and the raw fish as bait, comes Night Fishing. A guaranteed enjoyable night out for all the family since it is popular with all age groups.
http://www.kuredu.com/sportˍfun/kureduˍislandˍresortˍtripsˍtours.aspx ...

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Tourist Submarine Maldives Private Limited. - Maldives

Tourist Submarine Maldives Private Limited.

H. Abadhahfehi Magu,
Male', 20-05
Republic of Maldives
Telephone:   +960 333 3939
FAX:           +960 333 3838
e-mail: sales@whalesubmarine.com.mv ...

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Vaagali Cruise - Maldives

Vaagali Cruise

A luxury safari ship operator for dive trips in the Maldives.


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Whale Submarine - Maldives

Whale Submarine

You cannot miss the most technologically advanced and mesmerizing attraction of the Maldives – the Whale Submarine. A visit to the underwater world in the state-of-the-art Whale Submarine, the deep diving largest passenger submarine in the world that takes you on an underwater adventure at 120ft...

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YTM Travels - Maldives

YTM Travels

A liveaboard booking agency for cruising, fishing or diving around the Maldives
http://www.yachttoursmaldives.com/ ...

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