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Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo

ImageThe Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo is a world class dive destination with more than 40 dive sites. Underwater enthusiasts from the world over come here to explore the beautiful reef and its thriving underwater marvels. Ellaidhoo's first-class water bungalows facing the stunning blue waters of the Indian Ocean provide a picturesque view to its residents. The hotel’s Madi Restaurant offers a wide choice of delicious food served buffet style. Malamathi Restaurant and Bar is an elegant gourmet restaurant with a casual atmosphere serving up tasty dishes and fantastic beverages. The many facilities available here include banquet/function facilities, a Business Centre, wireless internet, fitness club/gym, mobile phone reception, non-smoking rooms/floors, mini library etc.  In addition to diving, guests can play tennis, Billiards, Board/Leisure Games, go boating, fishing/crabbing, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling etc.  



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