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Transportation - Getting Around in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Airport Taxi - Kuala Lumpur

Airport Taxi

You can grab a special airport taxi from the airport any time of day or night. The usual charge for a ride from the airport into town is about RM88 ($23) if you want to be seated in a Mercedes premier car or Rm63 ($17) if you prefer a standard national car (Proton). Read More

Bus - Kuala Lumpur


Express coaches are the cheaper and yet still comfortable way to travel from the airport to your desired destination. These coaches connect KLIA to most of the city's major hotels and central areas. Also, they operate every half hour from 5:30 a.m. to 10:15 p.m. daily and each ride costs about...

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Buses - Kuala Lumpur


These are two of KL's major bus lines. KL's bus system is very complex and well developed, especially after 2005 when 200 more buses were added to the existing fleet.
(03) 7982 6904   Intrakota
(03) 7727 2727 ...

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Car for Hire - Kuala Lumpur

Car for Hire

In order to rent a car in Malaysia, you need an international driving permit. Some of the requirements include that the driver must be at least 23 years old and have held a driving license for at least two years prior.
Some of the major care hire companies include...

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Driving in the City - Kuala Lumpur

Driving in the City

Driving in KL is not as bad as driving in other South East Asian cities. KL's roads are well-paved and the drivers aren't too speed craved. However, KL's street lay-out is not the simplest to get a handle of, so be certain that as a newcomer you will get lost. A road map is a must, along with a...

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Metro - Kuala Lumpur


These commuter trains have two routes which travel from Sentul to Port Klang and from Rawang to Seremban. Fares vary depending on the distance.
Keretapi Tanah Melayu
(03) 2267 1200 Read More

Public Transportation - Kuala Lumpur

Public Transportation

The public transportation system in Malaysia is inexpensive and efficient, though very crowded. Managed by Rapid KL (owned by the Malaysian government), Malaysia's public transportation system encompasses 56 railway stations and a little over 90 bus routes....

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Taxi - Kuala Lumpur


Taxis are easily found on the streets of Kuala Lumpur and are not very expensive either.  It is better to fix the rate of your trip as most taxi drivers will not use the meter. Be sure to bargain though. The yellow premium taxis are slightly more expensive than   the regular red and...

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