Though the people of KL are not an explicitly friendly bunch, they are a very welcoming and accepting crowd. Therefore, do not let their timid and shy exterior fool you, for Kualumpurians are one of the most culturally diverse and ethnically accepting people around. In fact, an admirable characteristic of KL residents is the minute level of racial problems in occurrence (which is tremendously less than those found in the West).

The majority of residents in KL spring from places such as China, India, and Europe. In addition, about 55% of KL's population is of Malaysian Chinese descent. Moreover, most of KL's residents have great respect for their city which is demonstrated through the various nicknames used such as 'KL' and 'Ibukota,' which translates to 'Mother City'.

Concerning religion, KL holds one of the largest Muslim populations in the world. However, this is not to say that it is an extremely conservative city. On the contrary, Kualumpurians are very tolerant and are exposed to a wide variety of foreigners. Thus, though KL still holds tight to its traditional values and Islamic principles, it does not express aggression toward visitors of a different creed or race.