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Burj Al Hamam

altThe oriental setting with a warm ambience and a variety of delicious Lebanese fare coupled with impeccable service, make this restaurant a much sought after one in Beirut. The house specialty, “kibbe nayye” (raw meat with bughral) is not to be missed. The beef kebabs or chicken liver cooked with pomegranate molasses is a must have. The restaurant is surrounded by gardens with a special one for children to play in. The large terrace makes a very pleasant seating option in summers. The restaurant location on a mountain gives you fascinating views of the city below. A smaller branch of this restaurant is off the highway.
Cuisine: Lebanese
•    Burj Al Hammam Bldg.
Mar Chaia Exit, Broumana
Tel: +961 4 960058
•    Dbayeh Highway, Labibeh Abou Jawdeh Bldg.
Tel: +961 4 405325

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