Tania Tours

Tania Tours operates guided tours in Beirut and within Lebanon, the cost of which includes transportation, lunch, guide (French or English) and entrance fee. Packages can be customized according to the tourists’ needs and can be adjusted for shorter periods at lower costs.

Tour 1 : Baalbeck & Anjar + Ksara Caves
Every Tuesday & Friday 60US$
Departure from Beirut. Break in Chtaura.
Visit of Ksara Caves then Baalbeck Temples.
Lunch in Anjar then visit of Anjar.
Return to Beirut.

Tour 2 : Becharre & The Cedars
Every Wednesday & Saturday 55US$
Departure from Beirut. Break in Kousba.
Visit of Saint Qozhaya Monastery.
Visit of Jibran Khalil Jibran Museum.
Visit of the Cedars Forest.
Lunch. Return to Beirut.

Tour 3 : Jeita, Byblos & Harissa
Every Wednesday 65US$
Departure from Beirut.
Visit of Byblos (Jbeil): the Citadel & the Old Souks with break.
Then visit of Saint-John Church & visit of the Museum of Fish Fossiles.
Departure to Harissa: visit by cable-car.
Return to Jeita. Lunch + visit of the grotto. Return to Beirut.

Tour 4 : Beiteddine, Sidon & Tyre
Every Thursday 65US$
Departure from Beirut.
Visit of Tyre (2 Citadels). Then departure to Saida.
Break in Saida. Visit of Saida: Khan El Franj + Saint Nicolas Church + Soap Museum.
Departure to Beiteddine. Lunch in Beiteddine then visit of Beiteddine Palace.
Visit of Deir El Qamar. Return to Beirut.

Departure Tour 1, 2, 3 or 4:
7:45 a.m from the office at Sodeco,
Or 7:30 a.m from the office at Hamra
Pick up from the hotel could be arranged.

SODECO : Sodeco Square. Tel. : (01) 616555 – Fax : (01) 616561
E-mail : Tania@
HAMRA : Sidani Street. Tel.: (01) 739682