Beirut Today

Beirut has had a tumultuous past, but like the phoenix it keeps rising from the ashes.  Forget about the bombings, riots, and violence – Beirut is an amazing city that pulsates with life.  New construction, as well as restoration, abounds.

Beirut is the political and economic capital of Lebanon, with nearly a third of its population (around 1 to 2 million).  It has great weather, mountains, resorts, amazing food, beautiful architecture, exiting night life – even casinos, earning its nickname “Paris of the East”.  Downtown is more European than Middle Eastern, with open air cafes abuzz with conversation until the wee hours of the morning.  The shopping is world-class too.  It’s also the Middle East’s book capital, with over 600 publishing houses, libraries, bookshops, and cultural centers.

In addition to its vibrant modern culture, Beirut has a distinguished history.  There are many great museums and archaeological sites to explore.  Just beyond the city are awesome caves, the Jeita Grotto, and the Roman ruins of Baalbek.

This is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and even with all that political instability, a top tourist destination.  It’s impossible to visit Beirut without succumbing to its charm.