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Transportation - Getting Around in Kuwait - Kuwait

Buses - Kuwait


There are dozens of convenient bus routes running all over the country and in and out of each of its cities. The three major bus transport providers (KPTC, City Bus and KGL) run services within a waiting time of 1 and 15 minutes, although it is recommended for tourists not to make use of them...

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Car for hire - Kuwait

Car for hire

Visitors can easily rent a car for their own driving convenience around the city. By producing an International Drivers Permit to the rental company, a temporary insurance service will be arranged.
Kuwait International Airport
T : 4745528
F : n/a
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Driving Tips - Kuwait

Driving Tips

visitors must always carry their International Driving Permits or licenses with them at all times. Drunk driving and use of cellular phones while driving is not permitted at all and drivers must ensure to abide with all traffic rules and regulations. If new to the city, drivers must also become...

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From the airport - Kuwait

From the airport

The Kuwait International Airport is located 22 km/14 Miles South West of the City center. A taxi to Kuwait City will take about 25 minutes at a rate of 5 KD, but there are also plenty of buses and limousine services available for the various counters at the terminal on arrival.


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Taxi - Kuwait


Taxis are the most practical and convenient type of transportation in Kuwait, as they are easy found and located in many residential areas as well as public places all of the cities. Call-taxis are all white in colour and can be found at almost any hotel and can be ordered to and from the airport...

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