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Maki Japanese Restaurant

altCuisine - Japanese
A very popular choice among Japanese food lovers, Maki is known for its unique culinary preparations which incorporate traditional Japanese recipes with contemporary tastes and flavours. By setting new standards in the world of fusion cooking, Maki Japanese restaurant has been able to provide diners with some of the most unique and memorable flavours in the country. From a choice of original Japanese cuisine including Sushi, Sashimi, Tepanyaki as well as some traditional dishes like Sukiyaki and Yosenabe, Maki also surprises us with their innovative specialties like Maki’s Spicy Salmon Maki, Vietnamese Maki and Special Filo Tempura.
Locations -
Maki Salmiya, Near Plajat street
Tel. +965 5733561 & & MAKI-149 (6254-149)
Maki Marina Waves, further to Salwa Al Sabah Hall
Tel. +965 2244560 & MAKI-600 (6254-600)
Maki The Avenues, Alrai, 5th ring road
Tel. +965 2597 120, 1,2 & MAKI-846 (6254-846)
Website - www.olivermaki.com


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