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Restaurants in Kuwait - Kuwait

 Asha's - Kuwait


Cuisine - Indian
This internationally known restaurant chain is by far the best stop for Indian cuisine in the country. Owned by the famous Indian singer Asha Bonsle, the restaurant is just as versatile and lively as she is, offering diners with the finest in Indian culinary, in vegetarian...

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 Nino - Kuwait


Cuisine - Italian
This contemporary designed restaurant is known for its slick and funky interiors and service, combined with rich Italian flavours. The dishes and recipes they serve are known to be unique to Nino’s and are immediately recognised by regular customers. From burgers to pizza...

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 The Slider Station - Kuwait

The Slider Station

Cuisine - Themed/American
This small, yet trendy, outlet is a very popular joint in Kuwait, but due to its size it is recommended to reach early or with an advanced booking. Bringing the concept of the ‘food conveyor belt’ to the region, The Slider Station is a highly entertaining and...

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Al Berdawny - Kuwait

Al Berdawny

Cuisine - Arabic
One of the finest and spacious Arabic restaurants in Kuwait, Al Berdawny is popular among tourists and locals. It’s combination of three dining halls with unique styles and menus make customers want to return and taste new flavours every time. Guests can choose to eat...

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Al Bustan - Kuwait

Al Bustan

Cuisine - International
A spectacular buffet spread that is definitely worth the price, Al Bustan offers an international cuisine that caters to everyone’s tastes and fancy. From the assorted rice dishes to meat and fish preparations, one has to make sure they come with an open belly....

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Caesar’s - Kuwait


Cuisine - Indian/Chinese
Caesar’s restaurant and confectionaries has become a household name in Kuwait and the rest of the GCC countries. From its inception in Kuwait in 1973, the group has become a regional franchise establishing over 20 outlets in the Middle East. From snack and pastries...

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Hard Rock Cafe - Kuwait

Hard Rock Cafe

Cuisine - themed/ American
The words ‘Hard Rock Café’ are synonymous with having a great night out. Known at an international level, the Hard Rock café in Kuwait is one of the most popular destinations for locals and tourists alike. Catering to a varied crowd of families with children,...

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Jade Garden Chinese Seafood Restaurant - Kuwait

Jade Garden Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Cuisine - Chinese The perfect name in Chinese fine dining, Jade Garden offers the right blend of traditional Chinese flavours and tastes served in a contemporary and classy fashion. From exquisite décor and presentation to impeccable service and hospitality, the restaurant treats each customer...

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