Visa Information

To enter into Kuwait, travelers must have a passport valid for a minimum of six months. Visitors from other GCC countries may enter and reside in Kuwait without having to go through any particular formalities. A visit visa is valid for a stay of upto 30 days, with an entry of within 90 days of issue. The visitor must be sponsored by an individual or company residing within Kuwait, and would require a copy of their passport and proof of relationship with sponsor. The sponsor would also have to fill and sign the application and security form, and produce the original and copies of their work permit, passport and civil ID. All this can be taken care of at the Kuwait embassy in your country. A visa costs KD 3/-, which is about AED 38/-
A fine of KD 10/- is charged per day of extending the 30-day visit, and should be paid before exiting the country. However, an extension can be made on the visa by applying to the immigration Department before the visa has expired. The most convenient and popular option for many travelers to Kuwait who wish to extend their stay, is to attain a second visa, travel to Bahrain and back within the day, and re-enter Kuwait. This procedure costs about KD 45/-
Kuwait, Consulate in Dubai
Tel: 04 4446888
Fax: 04 4444109
Kuwait, Embassy of the State in Abu Dhabi
P.O.Box : 926
Telephone : 02-4477146
Fax : 02-4477675