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Kuwait’s Residents

altThe population of Kuwait is estimated to be around 3-3.5 million people, including expatriates as well as locals; and about one-third of them are Kuwaiti nationals. Majority of the expatriate population comprises of Egyptians, Bangladeshis, Filipino, Pakistani and other Asian nationalities. 85% of the Kuwaiti population is made up of Muslims, and the other 15% are Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Parsi and Jewish. The urban population of Kuwait is currently at 96%, and the country hosts one of the highest literacy rates of the Arab world, that of 93%. Kuwaitis are an extremely friendly and hard-working people, who love to celebrate and welcome families and friends. Their war-stricken past has made them into one of the most patriotic and lively peoples who are very family oriented and eager to learn.

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