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Transportation - Getting Around in Nairobi - Kenya

Buses - Nairobi


The Matatu is a privately owned Nissan Minibus which is the most popular form of transport amongst the locals in Nairobi. These operate on specific routes and are cheap. Usually seating between 14 and 24, they try and take in as many passengers on the way, hence are overcrowded and with the speeds...

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Car for Hire - Nairobi

Car for Hire

There are various international car companies to hire cars from in Nairobi.
·    One must be careful though as there is a car jacking problem and it is not very safe if one does not know the way around.

·    Always travel prepared, with a...

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Driving Tips - Nairobi

Driving Tips

Driving is on the left hand side. The International Driving License is valid for use but has to be endorsed by the Road Transport Office in Nairobi if one plans to self drive a car there. It is best to be cautious and aware. There are incidents of car jacking and crime. It is best not to drive out...

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From the airport - Nairobi

From the airport

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.  Nairobi is a major hub of almost 30 international airlines flying into Africa. From the airport one can take the airport Metro shuttle bus which operates every half an hour or use the local cabs. Most private car companies have their counters at the...

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Rail Transport - Nairobi

Rail Transport

Is mainly for freight or cross country travel and offers spectacular views on the way. Trains can be taken from the Nairobi Central station. They provide a fast and reliable route to suburban areas besides the rest of Kenya. There is no train service or shuttle metro service for within Nairobi or...

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Taxi - Nairobi


For a tourist this is probably the best way to travel in Nairobi. Though taxis are expensive and unmetered, and involve rates to be pre fixed with a good head for bargaining, they still provide a safer way to travel. Taxis are a must at night when the city is reputed to be unsafe, for that matter...

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